The EU stands for European Union, a collection of 28 European countries as well as four other countries making up the European Free Trade Association who also participate with Switzerland and the EU in the Schengen Area.

EU Ambassadors Denounce Plan Edit

27 out of 28 ambassadors from EU Countries (excluding Hungary) created and signed a report that criticized China’s plan. This report was released to respected German business newspaper Handelsblatt where the report was quoted as saying, “runs counter to the EU agenda for liberalizing trade and pushes the balance of power in favor of subsidized Chinese companies.” (1)

Hungary Edit

Only Hungary Refused to sign the report, likely because as DW reported as from the Mercator’s Institute’s Eder, “He said Hungary's refusal to sign the report was indicative of the benefits it is likely to receive from China's investment in Eastern Europe, which will see railways, motorways and power plants upgraded.”(2) Additionally, Hungary along with Greece refused to sign a report criticizing human rights abuse after the South China Sea dispute and Tribunal.

Emmanuel Macron and France Edit

Macron wants for the French to help and support China’s initiative, but believes that “the New Silk Road cannot be one-way…”(Note: more detail needed)

Works Cited Edit

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